One of the main goals of this seminar is to help you compose a set of informed and polished materials for your R&C course next year. I’ll ask you to start work on your course in a bird-by-bird fashion, drafting one short document each evening this week. These will include:

  • A course overview (for Tuesday),
  • One or two key writing projects you will assign to your R&C students (for Wednesday),
  • A tentative, working schedule for your course (for Thursday).

I’ll ask you to publish these materials on a WordPress site (like this one) that you design for your R&C course. This will require you to set up a free account on WordPress.com, if you don’t already have one. (If you prefer to work on another web publishing platform—Wix, say, or Medium—that’s fine, too, although doing so may require you to resolve any technical challenges on your own.) A draft version of your course site will be due on Friday morning, when we will set up an arcade to showcase the sites that you are all working on.

I’ll also ask you to make a post or comments to this website once a month during the fall semester. These posts will serve as a starting point for your monthly meetings. (See Continuing On.)

While I will not have time in the evenings to write responses to your work during this week, I will always be happy to talk with you about your work. The half-hour (9:30–10:00) before seminar starts each morning is a good time for us to do so, and we can also steal some of your studio time (2:00–3:00) in the afternoons. I look forward to helping you design a course you are excited about teaching!