Seminar, Thurs, 5/23


Assessment and Social Justice

Led by Mya Poe, Associate Professor of English, Northeastern University

  • What is assessment?
  • Types of assessment
  • Social justice in writing assessment
  • Course evaluations


Responding Toward Revision

Practice: “Rough Draft (on June Jordan)”, Berkeley, R1A, Spring 2019

Please use the method I’ve just sketched out to write a response toward revision to this student writer. Compare your responses with a partner. What similarities or differences do you notice, both in terms of the advice you have to offer and the stance you take toward the student?

Evaluating Final Pieces

Practice: “Revealing the true identity: June Jordan’s ‘Poem About My Rights'”, Berkeley, Spring 2019, R1A, Final Draft

Use my template to arrive at a grade for this essay. Write some (very brief) comments to the author as well. In groups of five, compare grades and responses.

  • Bonus Example: Leonid Elyon, “On Space and Sappho”, Winner of the 2019 Art of Rewriting Award

Responding to a Portfolio

Reading Across Drafts

For Tomorrow

Complete as much of your course website as you can. If you are having trouble figuring out how to post or format certain pages, posts, or widgets, save the content in Word or on paper. But try to have a  demo-version of your course to show and talk about as part of our arcade tomorrow.

Please email me the URL for your site before 10:00 tomorrow. That will allow me to post a list of links to your courses to this site.