This seminar will support the work of the fourth cohort of Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. Fellows as you design and teach your 2019–20 Reading and Composition (R&C) courses.

I’ve tried to structure our work together this week to offer you a practical feel for what is involved in teaching a writing course. To do that, I will ask you to participate in many of the same activities I hope you will lead your undergraduate students in doing. And so, for instance, I’ll often ask you to do some writing, both in class and outside of it, to share what you write with the other members of this seminar, and to respond to the work they are doing. Your main assignment for this week will be to draft a version of your R&C course materials.

We’ve also planned several ways of continuing our conversation beyond this week. We invite you to visit each other’s R&C classes. There will be a series of monthly meetings at the Townsend throughout the fall semester. I’ll ask each of you to post a brief writing to this website as a way of getting those meetings started.   I will also hold a series of online office hours on Zoom at least once each month. And I will return to Berkeley in December to lead a meeting in which we discuss your experiences to that point and your plans for moving forward. Please see Plan and Schedule for more details about the week.

The 2019–20  Koshland Fellows are:

  • Marlena Gittleman, Comparative Literature
  • Tory Jeffay, Film & Media
  • Anooj Kansara, Rhetoric
  • Ina Marie Therese Kelleher, Ethnic Studies
  • Linda Kinstler, Rhetoric
  • Patricia Kubala, Anthropology
  • Mariko Pegs, African American & African Diaspora Studies
  • Tara Philips, Comparative Literature
  • Ryan Rhadigan, Rhetoric
  • Danielle Simon, Music
  • Lucy Siriani, English
  • Max Stevenson, English
  • Amanda Su, English